My vision as a Mental Wellness & Brain Health Counselor is to Restore, Empower, and Equip people to live healthy in all areas of their lives as they know their value, find their passion and live with purpose.

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I Survived the Storm

I am excited and honored to have written a chapter in this book along with so many amazing authors. 

This book is compiled of true stories of surviving the storms of life.   I share my story of a mama's heart through the pain of suicide and addiction.

You won't be able to stop reading as you experience these stories together with us.

You can pre-order your copy today for $20 includes shipping.  You will receive your copy the first part of August.  Thank you for supporting me as a first-time published author.  

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Know your Value, Find your Passion and Live with Purpose!

With more than 20 years as an entrepreneur and a lifetime of loving God and His people, Sandee Englund offers heart and experience to all that she encounters.  She offers true insight, inspirational leadership, and heartfelt support to her clients as a counselor and author.

What keeps her going?  Jesus, family, friends, and community.  This is one of the things that really sets her apart from most of her colleagues.  Sandee knows her God-given purpose and is grateful for the love and grace of Jesus.  He alone has held her, loved her, and carried her through more times than she can count.

Her day begins with gratitude as she greets each new day and all the blessings it brings, which brings a smile to her face and heart!  She says when she begins to wake up, she immediately thinks of Jesus, and all that she's grateful for.  With this mindset of gratitude and appreciation, she jumps into her day and is ready to accept whatever challenge comes her way and to empower, uplift, and encourage all that encounter her.

Both she and her husband grew up in the small town of Roy, WA where they learned the love of family and community, two things that have remained very important to them both.  Their family now includes 5 adult kids and 5 grandkids.  Sandee and her husband, Doug, have been married 20 years and have known each other since they were 5 years old!  They went to kindergarten through graduation together, and although they were friends all through their school years, they were just friends. Each went their own way, got married, divorced, and then 22 years after graduation they met again, fell in love, got married, and began their amazing journey together.

Learning and continued growth as she shares her heart, experience, and skill with those that need it is important to Sandee.  She is described by others as loving, kind, passionate, determined, and follows through with what she starts out to accomplish.


About Sandee

Sandee has been a licensed minister since 2012.  She has served as a women's pastor and youth pastor, her ministry today is in counseling.  She also has served as a Chaplain with the Fire Department.
Sandee has held women's conferences helping women heal in areas of depression, anxiety, grief, and so much more. 
She officiates at weddings and celebration of life with warmth, love, and dedication to the families.  She also performs baptism's with honor.
Sandee has been a counselor for 25 years.  She opened her private practice in 2005.  She has helped 100's of couples and families heal and restore their lives and relationships. 
Her specialty is bridging gaps in relationships between husbands/wives, parents/kids, and siblings/families.
She has a unique way of helping people that brings healing and restoration and a new perspective.
As a certified Brain Health specialist, she will help you develop thinking patterns that can significantly make a difference in your life.
Sandee's love for people and her authenticity of how she lives her life brings hope to those who are blessed to work with her.
Healing One Family At A Time

Her first published book is a collaborative effort compiled of true stories of surviving the storms of life!  It has been an honor to work with so many amazing Author's. 

  I Survived The Storm


 Coming Soon....

Be Kind To Your Mind; How You Think Matters

Women Warriors; A Mama's Heart


If you have a loved one suffering from addiction (substance abuse disorder) visit my Tik Tok videos, @sandeeenglund77 I have created a community there to educate, love on, and give you hope as you find peace and joy in the midst of your loved one suffering.  You do not have to suffer as their loved one alone.

"When I realized I had reached the end of my own capacity to handle struggles I took the plunge and sought out professional guidance. I had reached out to other professionals before and I wasn't getting the results I needed. God set a miracle in motion when I found Sandee Englund. As soon as I connected with her I felt safe, comforted and validated. She poured love over me without hesitation from the beginning. She intuitively knew how to guide me. Sandee motivated me with thoughtful questions and I began to see the answers to my struggles. She blew my mind with the truth she helped me to see as she pulled the wool off my eyes and revealed to me that life could be lived to the fullest. She brought back alive in me my goals, dreams and desires. When I felt broken and lifeless, she guided my eyes back to the One who died to give me life in the first place. She has a way about her that speaks so much love and truth back into my bones. The Holy Spirit moves through her as she lifted me up and encouraged me to see the purpose God has for me. I highly recommend working with Sandee, she will change your life as she did mine."

Kiana Morehouse

"Thank you Sandee for teaching me the unique 5 Hidden Strategies to Time Management. It really made a difference for me. It was something I needed to hear and the delivery was perfect for me. God is growing and healing me from my past and Sandee has been a part of that healing journey also. I am so thankful for Sandee's teachings. I am grateful I listened to God in working with Sandee."

Rita Lagasse Quinn

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Know your value, find your passion, and live with purpose.


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